Flight attendants union working against members?

Shenanigans in which former flight attendant union officials are now running labour hire outfits – http://www.smh.com.au/news/business/ welcome-aboard-flight-to-lower-pay-cheques/2007/04/15/1176575687668.html – illustrate the poison that can easily take hold in union officialdom. Scott Rochfort in the SMH of 21 April digs deeper still in an article in News Review entitled “A case of cabin fever strikes Qantas” – which so far I cannot locate online. On 16 April, the day of the earlier report, I emailed the Rights at Work campaign, and still haven’t had a reply.

“Dear Rights at Work,

I am very disturbed to read this story in today’s SMH, disgusted to read that Maurice Alexander is a former union official. The article also says that “the [flight attendants’s] union shares office space with Mr Alexander’s labour hire firm. The union’s domestic secretary Jo-Ann Davidson declined to comment.”

I hope to hear that there are serious errors in this SMH report, and that whatever connection Alexander may have had with the union movement, they do not continue. I support Rights at Work. Alexander is (according to this story) profiting from running a scheme that attacks rights at work.

Please let me know the ACTU/Rights at Work response to these allegations.

In soldarity”

It’s not easy to promote trade unionism if this is what union officials can get away with, undenounced, uncensured.


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